Topic 1


Think of an important decision that you or someone you know will be making in the near future. Explain why the decision is important. What factors do you think should be considered before making the decision? Support your ideas with examples and details.  (about 200 words)

1. I planned my paper before writing.
2. I revised my paper to be sure that the introduction to my paper captures the reader’s attention;
 my central idea is supported with specific information and examples that will interest my reader;
 the content of my paper relates to my central idea;
 my writing is organized in a logical manner;
 my sentences are varied and read smoothly;
 my word choice develops my purpose and tone; and
 the conclusion brings my ideas together without restating.
3. I edited my paper to be sure that
 correct grammar is used;
 words are capitalized when appropriate;
 sentences are constructed and punctuated correctly; and
 words are spelled correctly.
4. I reviewed my paper to make sure that it accurately reflects my intentions.


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